“Don’t Look” on The Dark Somnium

The Dark Somnium has featured one of my stories. The narrator performs Can’t Look. If you’re tired of waiting for my stories, check out The Dark Somnium. They release content almost every day. Here’s the link to the story. Hope you like it.


Why I will never sell you NoSleep stories.

I’ve thought a lot about self-publishing my stories. Well, not just self-publishing, but self-publishing and selling them. I decided I won’t. I’ve seen a lot of people doing it, and actually it kind of bugs me. Before you condemn me as trying to tell you how you should control the business of your art — … Continue reading Why I will never sell you NoSleep stories.

Why Use Single Inverted Commas?

If you’ve read any of my stories, you’ll notice I use inverted commas (‘’) for dialogue, instead of double quotations (‘‘’’). Now I realize that using single quotation marks for dialogue, instead of double, can distract some readers, but it’s an informed choice I made. And before deciding on a standard, I had to search for … Continue reading Why Use Single Inverted Commas?