Why I will never sell you NoSleep stories.

I’ve thought a lot about self-publishing my stories. Well, not just self-publishing, but self-publishing and selling them. I decided I won’t. I’ve seen a lot of people doing it, and actually it kind of bugs me. Before you condemn me as trying to tell you how you should control the business of your art — … Continue reading Why I will never sell you NoSleep stories.


Are you really helping anyone?

You know, whenever I'm feeling down on myself about my writing, whenever I think Maybe what people say is true, maybe I'm spreading morbid and evil stories, maybe I'm a bad writer, maybe it's not helping anyone ... I can at least be proud that I'm just trying to be creative and write ultimately harmless stories, and … Continue reading Are you really helping anyone?

Why Use Single Inverted Commas?

If you’ve read any of my stories, you’ll notice I use inverted commas (‘’) for dialogue, instead of double quotations (‘‘’’). Now I realize that using single quotation marks for dialogue, instead of double, can distract some readers, but it’s an informed choice I made. And before deciding on a standard, I had to search for … Continue reading Why Use Single Inverted Commas?