Are you really helping anyone?

You know, whenever I'm feeling down on myself about my writing, whenever I think Maybe what people say is true, maybe I'm spreading morbid and evil stories, maybe I'm a bad writer, maybe it's not helping anyone ... I can at least be proud that I'm just trying to be creative and write ultimately harmless stories, and … Continue reading Are you really helping anyone?


Mister White’s Last Victim On The NoSleep Podcast

The NoSleep Podcast has featured one of my stories. Storytellers Jeff Clement, Peter Lewis, Jessica McEvoy, and Nichole Goodnight perform Mister White's Last Victim. If you’re tired of waiting for new stories from The Sanitorium, check out the NoSleep Podcast. They release new audio performances every two weeks.

On Criticism

Ever heard the expression “everyone’s a critic”? My grandfather has a poster of this phrase; it depicts an art student thumb-and-penciling a masterwork sculpture. The title reads: Everyone’s a critic! Be as critical of your own work as you are of others’. So simple, so true. Nowadays, with the experiences I’ve had as a self-proclaimed … Continue reading On Criticism


Why Use Single Inverted Commas?

If you’ve read any of my stories, you’ll notice I use inverted commas (‘’) for dialogue, instead of double quotations (‘‘’’). Now I realize that using single quotation marks for dialogue, instead of double, can distract some readers, but it’s an informed choice I made. And before deciding on a standard, I had to search for … Continue reading Why Use Single Inverted Commas?



Welcome to my personal blog. I’m Patrick Zac, writer and author of The Sanitorium. I will use this blog to serve as a journal to share my thoughts and ideas, and information regarding my writing. I also want to share opinions concerning my hobbies, such as literature, movies, technology, music, and games. A while ago, I … Continue reading First