Welcome to my personal blog. I’m Patrick Zac, writer and author of The Sanitorium. I will use this blog to serve as a journal to share my thoughts and ideas, and information regarding my writing. I also want to share opinions concerning my hobbies, such as literature, movies, technology, music, and games. A while ago, I learned that those are some things that I absolutely love in life, and if you know me in person, you know I also love talking about them (I will talk your face off if you let me). I can’t always talk to my friends in person, so I figured a blog would be a pretty good idea!

In addition, a blog will serve to give me a bit of writing to do every now and then when I’m stumped on a story, to keep myself sharp. But … please don’t expect anything absolutely thrilling. Keep in mind this is more my personal playground where I can take a break.

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy reading about my interests, as I’m quite passionate about them and it’s my goal here, as in my writing, to make things as clear and thought-provoking as possible. I can guarantee you’ll find some of these posts at least a little interesting, especially if you are interested in the same things as I am.


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